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All that glitters is not gold

The most America adventure is as close as the gas pedal in your car. I’m telling you straight that driving to someplace you’ve never been before, meeting people you just don’t know, and listening to their stories is what life is all about. In the course of this great adventure, I’ve made just over 6 million followers across all social media, some of them fast and firm friends, others I may never get to meet, but I’m trying hard.

I met a friend I hadn’t met last night in a place so far out of the mainstream that you need gps to find it. I drove out of Sterling Colorado about 5pm, headed west in search of a place that I’d been told was fabulous.

It’s about a 35 minute drive and I had the music up load, sunglasses on, and just cruising. The gps told me to make a left on “Maple Street.” I drove to the turn and it was an old dirt road.

Now those of you who follow or know me, know my affinity for old dirt roads. It’s where I came from, ground zero if you will, and my love for those out of the way places will never die.

I’ve done a review for the place so it’s not necessary to tell you what a pleasure it was to just “be.” Seat yourself, order up, and be prepare for a culinary and gastronomic extravaganza. The beef tasted like they’d gone out in the field and brough it in fresh. It was done to perfection and even the horseradish (another old time favorite of mine) was perfect. I could NOT have been happier.

The company was great, the senerey was right out of an old Kansas or Colorado cow town, and it was just as real as real can ever be. And I loved it.

Authentic is my new mantra, and it’s serving me well.

I’ve spent time in Colorado before. Greely was easily home to the best fresh trout I’ve ever eaten. Golden…well, Golden was golden. Denver is a fun town, but I’d never been to Sterling.

Situated about 2.5 hours from the Rockies on the northeast plains, it’s a small community with a lot to offer. I’ve learned that what the town really needs is a “Cheese” Store. I’m thinking fresh baked bread and cheese with maybe an olive bar would be pretty cool. One just never knows.

The weather today is wonderful. 54Degrees with sunny skies and a light breeze, perhaps it’s time to break out the drone and play with that.

For breakfast, try the River Grill right on Main Street, small menu, big taste, loads of atmosphere.

It’s a great day in the neighborhood, I’m going to meet the neighbors!

A special shout out to the folks at Dewe’s in Stoneham Colorado for making me feel like family.


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