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Business at the Speed you NEED!

As CEO for over 35 years, running Companies with local, regional and global reach, Jack KNOWS business, and how to get it done.


The smaller the business, the more critical it becomes to save money, have ready access to cash and a line of credit. Profits get thin, especially in the COVID world, and navigating through the often extreme needs of the marketplace get more difficult.


We have the experience, the manpower, and the knowledge to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN….and right away.


Cash or savings down the road is one thing, but when your need is NOW, waiting for someone to say YES gets problematic.


Don’t take no for an answer, get help from people who say YES.

Business Savvy, Experienced Business Owner & Creative/Inventive Solution Provider.


Michel French is just what the Doctor Ordered when it comes to figuring out how to save money and create a BIGGER bottom line.


Talk to Michel and discover the Jack Scott Difference.


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Meet the newest member of our Sales/Customer Service Team!


Vonnie Watson


Vonnie will manage our new Kansas City Office.


With 20 Plus Years of Sales and Customer Service Experience for Major Corporations, Vonnie joins us as the KC Metro Area Manager.