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From Soup to Nuts, Hot Sauce is MADE specifically for the Restaurant Business.

HotSauce™ Mission Control provides you with a centralized location for accessing all your REAL TIME reporting, labor scheduling and inventory needs, giving you more control over your business. Users of HotSauce™ Mission Control Solution, such as corporate executives, accountants, district managers or store managers, can instantly analyze single store information or perform comparative analysis across multiple locations – all without redundant, error-prone manual data entry.
HotSauce™ Online Ordering service gives you the ability to further expand your business by having your own customizable store website with simple intuitive interface for ordering. Features including delivery, curbside pickup and order in advance, it is fully integrated with your existing HotSauce POS Terminal to streamline your service in a fast growing online market.
Powered by HotSauce Mobile POS APP, it is fully integrated on PAX A920 all-in-one payment terminal. This solution compliments your existing HotSauce POS services with Order & Pay-at-the-Table option, made possible by simple and intuitive user interface.
HotSauce KDS is a reliable way to synchronize orders to the kitchen, it is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution to streamline your food preparation process.
HotSauce Technologies has been the leading software provider for hospitality applications serving restaurants, bars and nightclubs since 1998.
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has grown tremendously due to the incredible demands for a powerful, reliable, yet cost effective product. By utilizing the latest technology and stellar support, HotSauce Technologies has become the leading provider of POS systems in the industry today.


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